Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothers day

Just a quickie to blog my mothers day pressies. I had a little lie in this morning followed by an extra squidge from the little man - and these lovelies ...

Mothers day pressies

A daffodil hand picked from the garden and a box of rose and violet creams ... yum, yum! Unfortunately, Dave is working today so the full princess day will have to take a rain check.

At playgroup this week the older kids had been making paper flowers in a vase for their mums, the ladies that run the group didn't want those of us with babies too small to get involved in the crafty stuff to feel left out so they made us one too...

Mothers day flowers

Sweet huh? I can't wait to receive real hand made craft goodies from the little man, or even better join in the fun myself! Happy mothers day to all the other mums out there.

Toodle pip

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  1. noticed the handmade flowers today forgot to mention how sweet they were, barbara x