Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Garden of delights

Despite the rather poor spring weather work has been progressing well on hard landscaping the garden here at the patch.

We've re-laid the patio putting down a weed membrane to avoid the intensive dandelion cultivation we had going on before ...


The patio sits at the sunniest corner of our garden and we've designed it to wrap around a Bramley apple tree .. fingers crossed the bees have been busy doing their pollination so we get a wee crop of apples later this year. In years to come I envisage the apple tree providing a little bit of shade to sit under on warm sunny days .. sigh!

Patio and apple tree

We've also got the veggie beds underway. Thanks to the recycling potential of flogging some old possessions via ebay we've pulled together sufficient cash to purchase some gorgeous chunky railway sleepers to make some raised beds. The beds go in ...

Raised beds
Raised beds

Add some wigwams sourced from our local woods - these provide the structure for the peas. You can't have a peapod patch without some peas  ...

Pea sticks

And add the odd bus stop of course ...

Sweet peas and bus stop

The wigwam in this shot contains this years attempt at my all time favourite sweet peas, fingers crossed for a bumper crop.

My garden inspiration at the moment is entirely coming from this lady ...

The book was a birthday gift last month. Here is one of my first Raven inspired bouquets adorning the windowsill ...

Garden bouquet

Toodle pip