Sunday, 1 July 2012

Random round up

A couple of completely random pics to round off this weekends triple posting. No hang on a sec, there is a theme, they are both related to purchases made last weekend during our "date" day. Mum came and sat on the kids for us so us grown ups went out to lunch and for a mooch round Harrogate. I found a fabulous material shop and completed buying stuff for the wedding quilt I'm making, three nice fat piles - about a thousand - are now sat awaiting their stitches ...

 Squares - piled up

Laying out is booked for next weekend, yay!

The second treat was a set of Orla Kierley storage jars ...

New storage tins

L-R ..... Branflakes, adult biscuits and green tea bags. Scrummy!

Toodle pip

Peter piper picked a pair of pretty posies

Weekend bouquet


Despite the lack of sunshine the garden is producing the odd bloom here and there, enough to supply the windowsill with a wee jug of colour. Not quite the cutting garden I'm aiming for yet but hey, these things won't happen overnight.

Toodle pip

Progress in the pantry

A bit late recording this here but our renovation of the main pantry is now completed, same colour scheme as the previous cupboard including more spotty mats!

Very much before ...

The pantry, very much before

The work in progress ...

The pantry, shelves and walls done

Jobs a good'un ...

Pantry completed

Freezer homed elsewhere and shelves restocked with all the bottles and jars ...

Pantry, lots of bottles andjars

Next job, a garden gate. Our current solution to garden closure consists of a pallet propped between bushes and it drives me nuts!
Toodle pip