Monday, 30 April 2012

The boys are back in town

ok, so what happened there then? Well, where do I start. Life kinda got in the way of this blogging stuff .. in a big way. In a nutshell I got pregnant again and our beautiful second son Caleb was born in August 2010 ...


He is no longer a baby.

Even less of a baby is his big brother. Quite the grown up our little lad starts school in a few short months time. We have a pair of proper cheeky monkeys on our hands ...


We moved again (twice!) relocating to York and buying our forever (for a while anyhow) family home ...


I have a serious lack of pictures of the place but you get the idea. 1950s semi with lots of bay windows.

House buying is all about compromise and we went for the dump of a house needing tlc but in the nice area. Last summer we spent six long weeks making it habitable throwing every ounce of energy and every penny of our savings we had left at it along the way. We got there ... almost. We still have a disgusting shell of a kitchen and a distinct lack of curtainage - for the latter I blame my obsessive need to have the right curtains for all those big bay windows, right curtains which cost such a lot of money even if you make them yourself :)


See those curtains there - yep those are linings held up by safety pins. I have no shame.

Finally, I went back to work full time when we moved. Himself looks after the tiddlers and I picked up a hefty job for my sins along with the not insignificant responsibility of being our single wage earner with a big fat mortgage ...

ok, so I don't manage this level of togetherness or glamour on any level but you get the idea. I hold the whole working mum thing together, just, for most of the time. I'll no doubt prattle on more about all that in due course.

So excuses made, re-introductions complete and we are back in business here at the patch.
Toodle pip