Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Knitted graffiti!

I've yet to see this on the streets of Aberystwyth - underground graffiti artists who 'tag' through the medium of knitting. Very odd indeed. I'm not sure what to think about this, although I think I'll stick to making bubba clothes myself rather than making a leg warmer for a local lamp post.

Check out Keep Cardiff Cosy!

And read the original article here Too cool for school huh?

Sunday, 26 April 2009


Today I've been to the Wonder Wool Wales exhibition.

Fun was had pottering round lots of inspirational stalls - plenty of colourful stuff going on, lots of spinning and feltmaking, classes, a sheepwalk fashion show, and hundreds of crazy ladies wearing bonkers home made creations :)

Wool was not purchased. There was some beautiful but way too expensive yarn which I really would have liked to buy, but I couldn't justify the money for what I had in mind (a crocheted blanket since you ask ... not that I've learnt how to properly crochet yet!). And lots of the yarns on offer were too itchy scratchy for me - most natural fibre/real wools drive me nuts and send my skin crazy. I did get some back copies of a magazine at bargain price and some edible treats though, they had a parallel local food festival going on at the same time and the stalls were all mixed together. Now those little foody purchases I could justify :)

Toodle pip

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Fabric fix

I've had a fabric fix today thanks to a trip to meet my Mum for lunch in Shrewsbury. Three delicious courses and two fab fabric shops later and I had purchased a few bits and bobs for the many many sewing ideas floating round in my head. Six felt squares, three fat quarters, two bell buttons, two yards of gingham ribbon, one yard of plastic backed fabric and a partridge in a pear tree .... sorry, I mean and a McCalls pattern for a miniature armchair!

Phew :)

This is my latest completed project - an 'oooh I want to do one of those' tutorial I saw during fat quarter month over on Sew Mama Sew.

Armchair sewing caddy

Neat huh?

Their site is a dangerous cyber space to hang out, their frequent and detailed tutorials give you confidence to tackle all sorts of clever thingumy bobs and I find every time I visit I'm adding more ideas to the virtual to do pile, scratch that, usually it means adding another batch of printed off instructions to my sewing projects to do pile.

So that was it for my fabric fix, tomorrow the focus moves onto all things woolly but more of that another time.

Toodle pip

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The many faces of bo ...

Please excuse the self indulgent bubba admiring, paging through the little man's photo archive yesterday I was struck at how his personality is emerging through all his different facial expressions ...



Double delight

Shouting with joy




Who me?


That's funny


Toodle pip

Easter holidays retrospective

We've had quite a few little trips out here and there over the past couple of weeks and each time I've thought, oooh I must blog that, and then never got round to it. So I'm doing a retrospective to catch up :)

Trip 1 - en familia 'Yorkshire branch' visiting Salts Mill in Saltaire. Lovely architecture and tall towers for photo posing ...

Highlights of the day were a fabby art shop with lots of lovely notebooks and pencils to covet and delicious cake in the Salts Mill diner served on very cool crockery. We very much wanted to take a little something of the flatware home with us but common sense prevailed and we took the moral high ground. Consequently, all we came away with was this little card which held our receipt...

Salts Diner

Lowlights of the day were being ripped off at the very scary chip shop by being charged 10p extra to have our take away chips in a tray (I know we should learn to lunch in a higher class establishment) and then getting caught up in football traffic, cue wailing baba! His timing is perfect.

Trip 2 - shopping spree to York. Breakfast at Bettys - R showed a fondness for Bettys cinammon toast, he's developing very expensive tastes...

I managed to finally buy new trousers (ones without elasticated waists - huzzah!) and get a treat from here. Apple and almond face scrub and a tube of their fab hand cream - because I'm worth it.

Trip 3 - seaside excursion to St Annes for some bucket and spade action, ice creams and charity shop bargains galore - £3 for a big bag of pale turquoise wool, kerching, a quid for a giant cone of sock wool, double kerching :) This time I'm going to make something for myself!

Here's R enjoying the sand ...

Trip 4 - A spontaneous outing to a distant garden centre to acquire some potted herbs for the herb bed. Pointless detour via Berriew to visit the Andrew Logan sculpture museum ... closed :(
And a very worthwhile detour to Montgomery for delicious lunch here ...

Castle Kitchen, Montgomery

The apple pie has been firmly established as a 'pudding memory' to be talked about for years to come :)

All this and I've got a double day trip coming up this weekend and then goodness knows what birthday jollies to look forward to the weekend after. Crikey what a busy April! And have you spotted how food based all our activities are? Lunch here, cake there, ice cream here, a bit more cake there -but what is a good day out without food huh?

Toodle pip

Sunday, 12 April 2009

A duvet day

Despite the nice weather here today and the urgent need to weed the veggie patch and put the seed potatoes in, I decided to shun the wellies and spend a happy hour or two creating with my sewing machine. Well, in fact the sewing machine took the minor part as it felt like I did more ripping of seams and unpicking than I did of actual sewing :( I was working on transforming a recent charity shop bargain - one of the Monsoon curtains I blogged about here - into a duvet cover for the little man's cot.

Here's how it turned out...

Curtain to duvet transformation complete

I've just got the two bottom seams to hand finish this evening. The darned machine turned poorly on me at the last minute with just two bits to go ... so I've shouted at it and left it to sulk in the corner! Here's hoping that it feels better by tomorrow as I have more Bank Holiday sewing plans up my sleeve.

Toodle pip

Pasg Hapus!

Which means Happy Easter in Welsh!

I suspect we might have a few smeared happy faces this week ... little man has had his first tastes of choc choc.

Where's my Easter egg?

It has been a while since my last post and we have been busy bees here at the patch. Another trip up North was completed to see my family (which should have felt like a holiday but didn't as it was so tiring!), work has been a bit bonkers for me and to cap it all we've been sleep training the little man. The bags under my eyes are not a pretty sight!

Being away from home meant I was t'internet-less for the best part of a week and I got back to literally a gazillion blog posts to catch up on ... I hadn't quite realised how many I now follow. Have I mentioned that I'm totally obsessed with reading blogs these days! Most of them make my own efforts look rather pitiful and I'm often green with envy having had a little peek into these people's lives, homes and craft creations. Him indoors keeps threatening to ban me as he says it makes me seem very dissatisfied with my lot in life ... can I help it if I was meant to be more rich and talented than I actually am?

I think some general blog improvement is required round here. Having started out this thing as more of a personal record of stuff that goes on in my life, I now feel the urge to become more part of the community out there - it looks like a lovely friendly place to be. Any tips from fellow bloggers most welcome!

Toodle pip