Thursday, 2 May 2013

Putting shelves to good use

Following our recent push on putting up our alcoves of shelving we found we had capacity issues. Some of them were looking a little empty and a bit forlorn, oh what a lovely problem to have! It won't last.

In lieu of ever having again a house big enough to have my own craft room (only occasionally do I miss those pre-children days when space was so much less of an issue) ... I now have some craft shelves :)

Craft shelves

Mmm, that'll do!

I also have recently made myself a craft storage box. The green spotty thing on the right.

Craft cube

The pattern comes from this book and overall it was really nice and simple to make. Unfortunately, I managed to buy the wrong type of interfacing - it was really expensive and good and stiff, but it was non fusible. Grrrrr! This made the construction a little tricky in places and the end result isn't quite as stable as I would like it to be, but it looks darn pretty up there. I think I'll give another one a go some time, when I've got hold of the proper fusible stuff that is.

I'm very proud of my little pair of crafty shelves. I can't decide whether to make a cover for my sewing machine or not. It kind of needs the blast of colour up there, but I also like seeing the shape of the machine on show. One to ponder.

I came home the other day to see that a small array of lego spaceships had been added to my little patch of creativity. Is it wrong that I immediately removed them from said shelves and found alternative homes elsewhere? Gerrof your Mum's shelves small people!

Toodle pip

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