Tuesday, 21 May 2013

It lasted just a day...

This is an unhappy tale - misadventures into wholly unsuitable school uniform making. It started out very promising, the knitting went well and the lad liked it ...


I got the wool and pattern as a Christmas present and I really enjoyed knitting this one up. A lovely chunky aran wool and a nice and simple but effective fisherman's rib pattern. When the weather warmed up he proudly donned the said tank top, he looked like a total cutie. Nice and retro, Mama was proud of her home made efforts.

It came home 6 hours later a total wreck. He'd got hot and tried to take it off, the wool got caught on the buttons on his polo shirt and it got pulled to bits. He arrived home with it on inside out with about three 3ft loops of wool hanging off him. I could have cried!

Toodle pip

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