Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Captain Peapod's Log #2

Captain Peapod's Log #2

Back on the bookshelf:
The Lacuna - Barbara Kingsolver
A chunky read, very readable. Whipped through the second half while recovering from a tummy bug.

On the TV:
Case Histories
Not quite as good as the books but a good night in front of the TV.

Film night (x2!):
Chronicle - another total risk of a film which was completely entertaining, exciting and really enjoyable.
Argo - again enjoyable watch. Lots of suspense and 70s facial hair.

On the needles:
Socks - one pairs finished and posted off as a birthday pressie for my sister. Second lace sock casting on shortly.

In the sewing basket:

Half started some dressmaking. Enjoying it but creating a totally unwearable nightmare thing of a top. I keep telling myself it doesn't matter if it is unwearable as long as I enjoy putting it together. Sigh!

Also Jo's wedding quilt,only a few done this week. I've had a press on socks with a deadline looming!

Gym bunny session:

Wednesday - lunchtime swim
Friday - Gym session
Then petered out a bit due to tummy bug :(

Toodle pip

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