Thursday, 2 May 2013

Birthday weekend

Well, another year older and wiser for me this week. I observed the tradition of not working on my birthday so enjoyed a long weekend with a couple of days off work.

The boys were very excited about birthday stuff as per usual and were really hyper about their present to me. Shrivelled apple Emporer Palpatine anyone!?

Reuben made me wear my birthday stickers...

Birthday stickers

Not quite the same as wearing your 'I am four' badge eh?

I accomplished lots of crafty stuff too including the laying out and coding of Jo's wedding quilt and creating miles of wedding bunting - no photos till after the big day!

I also sewed a replacement cover for Dave's car boot find of a beat up old directors chair.

From this...


Via this...


To this...


I ordered the material for our bedroom curtains AND I made a table cloth ...

Table cloth

Boy what a busy few days :)

We had some good stuff - grown up tea out for the two of us, first time in goodness knows how long . And some usual stuff too - family snuffles coming on and appalling customer service and traipsing about trying to get my watch fixed! Such is life.

I'd just like to ask one question. How did I get so old?
Toodle pip

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