Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Vrrmm Vrrmmm!

We bought Reu a cheapy umbrella fold stroller a couple of weeks back - mainly so Dad didn't have to lug the big one on his twice weekly bus journeys to do our baby handovers now I'm back at work. Given the recent run of cold weather (nope we didn't get much snow - boo), I thought I'd better rustle up something cosy for him snuggle into on his bus journeys. So, I tackled a cosy toes which is basically a big blanket bag with a hole in it for the pushchair straps :)

It was looking a little plain so I cracked open one of my Christmas presents for a little spot of customisation. My sister bought me the Cath Kidston 'Make' book this year and I chose to applique one of these little fellas on the foot of the bag.

Applique car

It was super fiddly to do and my bondaweb stuff didn't quite work right - no idea why. Sewing the main bag thing about killed my fingers, how come fleece is so blinking tough? The sewing machine just refused to co-operate so I gave it up as a bad job and did it hand stitched .... owch. Unless it was just me who had managed to acquire some super tough fleece?

The Cath Kidston book is full of some nice ideas and it came with a plain linen tote bag that I'm currently embroidering. I don't particularly like the Cath Kidston stuff en mass, most of it is too knowingly 'vintage' for me, but a bit here and there as long as its done with a twist fits my style quite well. Some of the projects in the book I expect will work up to be quite fab using some more quirky fabric ... more things to add to that crafty to do list :)

Toodle pip.

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