Monday, 16 February 2009

Splish splash

Catching up with some swimming news now we have some photos of our little water baby. Reuben did a sponsored splash for playgroup a couple of weeks back and he raised a grand total of £37 - thank you various Nanas, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles for your contributions! I'm sure this will the be the first of many times we come begging at your doors for various good causes.

So swimming has since become a weekly event for the little chap. We still tend to just sit very quietly in our swim ring just taking it all in ...

But at least he doesn't freak out! Here we are ready to jump in ...

The pool we go to is deserted at this time of year and Dad stays dry to assist with the tricky changing side of things. I use the opportunity to do some (very badly needed) activity - I am really missing my lunchtime exercise sessions now I only work half days and don't actually get lunch breaks any more. The sting is taken out of the exercise chore by being able to also grab a quick five minutes in the steam room and jacuzzi ... absolute bliss!

Toodle pip

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  1. And what a cute little water baby he is too!

    Well done Reu on your first bit for charity! ;)