Thursday, 29 January 2009

Rose and Trellis

Time to log another recent craft project.

Shortly before Christmas my friend Steph posted me a big bag of yarn that she'd seen going for a song in her local charity shop, it was branded and lovely quality, mostly baby weight stuff in pretty pastel colours. I was chuffed to bits and I'm planning on practicing my crochet skills with some of it in the near future. It was so lovely to receive an unexpected boost to my yarn stash so as a big thankyou I wanted to make Steph a little something ... hmmm what to choose.

Through indulging in my recently developed blogging habit I had found a pattern for some cool wrist warmers over on the Protect the Cookie blog. I love Marie's blog - so inspirational! This is the pattern for the wrist warmers and here are my finished version - I've dubbed the pattern rose and trellis as I think the bobbles look like flowers peeping through the cables.

Wrist warmers

I had some nice black Aran wool hanging about in my stash and I ran these up in literally a couple of evenings. The bobbles were surprisingly easy to make - another new skill acquired. Steph loved them and I will be making myself a pair pronto!


  1. Ooooo - Love wrist warmers. I like them in the black, and charity shop yarn bargains...gotta love those!!


  2. Wish all you knitting ladies would stop making me so jealous; can't knit for toffee!

    They're fab Jackie! x