Monday, 26 January 2009

Introducing the gang

o.k. - So this is new :)

I guess the first thing to do is to introduce the Peapod gang, so here we are. Me, him indoors and the little fella who is today celebrating his half year birthday. Happy sixth month birthday Reubs!

I've decided to start this blogging malarkey to record some details of family life, like keeping a diary but easier to keep up (and easier to do whilst at work : -0 ) Plus, I've been meaning for some time to archive and log my various craft projects and this looks like a great way to do so. My crafty inspiration levels are super high at the moment, largely because I started reading some crafty blogs whilst I was off on maternity leave and now I'm addicted. At the moment I'm not sure how much I will share this site with others. Confession alert - I'm a terrible lurker! So this site might just be for me, or maybe I will be brave and come out of the lurkers closet, declaring myself to some fellow bloggers and trading info. Got to practice me posts first though :)

Finally, I think I should also explain where the peapod thing comes from; one of my numerous nicknames has always been Sweetpea and when Reuben came along Dave started calling him Peapod. It kind of stuck and here we are setting up the Peapod Patch.

Toodle pip!

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  1. Yay Jackie, welcome to the bloggy world! Looking forward to seeing some of your crafty stuff and lots of updates on little Reuben! ;)