Thursday, 7 June 2012

N-ice cubes

One of my good friends has just announced the safe arrival of her second bubba, a not so little baby boy weighing in at a whopping 10lb 6oz. Yowzer.

On hearing the happy news I immediately whipped out the sewing machine and whizzed up a batch of baby cubes. I made a set of these while I was pregnant with Reuben and my boys have thoroughly loved them - they still get played with today, all be it in a more rough and tumble toddler fashion usually involving hurling them at each other. This game got delightfully named as "bonking balls" by Reu - only toddlers eh? Ah-hem! (Note to self: I wonder if Blogger will allow this post or whether bonking is on some kind of banned words list?)

Baby cubes

I don't get to meet up with my friend very often these days as she lives over in Dubin and we now both have two small people to add into the logistical mix. We're lucky if we manage to pin down our schedules to the same country every couple of years, but when we do meet up we always chatter away like we last saw each other a matter of days ago. As someone who doesn't make friends very quickly or easily our ability to do this always surprises and greatly pleases me.

I'll be posting off my congratulations package this weekend.
Toodle pip

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