Monday, 11 June 2012

How to kill off the sunshine ...

I seem to have killed off the short window of nice weather we'd been having. Let me explain.

I've muttered about getting myself a traditional deck chair on and off for quite a good while, but I was finding the high price of "nice" ones off putting. The ones I could afford looked cheap and nasty with flimsy looking plastic bits doing the job on the holdy uppy part, now as someone still carrying a tad too much baby weight (ahem I mean toddler weight these days) that concerned me.

So, when him indoors returned from his usual jaunt to the Saturday morning car booty on the York racecourse clutching this beauty I was tickled pink. And this one came in at the bargain price of £10 ker-ching!

Deck chair - before

So I set to work scrubbing/brushing/hosing down it to clean it up - I think I got a tad over enthusiastic on some bits. Once I was done and it started to dry the canvas started looking a tad thin, the muck was obviosuly holding it together. So twenty minutes and a good a pootle round Google later I came up with this corker of a web site - Deck Chair Stripes - and ordered me some stripey fun. A short wait for mr postie to deliver the goods and ta dah!

Deck chair - done!

Courtesy of an antique wax rub down for the frame, the stripey fun and a batch of upholsotery nails I now have a stylish new perch for flopping out in the garden. The rain aint stopped since, typical!

Toode pip

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