Monday, 11 March 2013

Mothers Day goodies

There was much excitement among the little peapods at the patch this year in relation to Mothers Day. Friday evening after school saw several whispered exchanges between munchkins and Dad - plus nods, winks and a few under bed 'hiding' missions all the while mentioning that it was all a great big SECRET. Bless!

By the time Sunday arrived it was anticipated with almost as much excitement that a birthday normally generates.

Pressies were:

A homemade card ...


Complete with a beautiful display of Reu's fast improving writing skills ...


A Betty's bun (only the box survives, contents were devoured before the camera came out, but it is such a pretty box I can't bear to throw it away yet) ...

Bettys Bun Box

And a pin board ...


This last one is an old thing of my Dads that was rescued from the garage a few months back. Dave saw its potential, acquired it (much gratitude from Mum who is always looking to get rid of the remaining piles of garage tat) and has secretly renovated it for me, all with Caleb's help - he apparently pitched in with the sanding! It is now duly mounted and waiting to display the daily deliveries of artwork and stories that arrive home from school.

Toodle pip

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