Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It has been a while...

Ooops where did that month go? Well, mostly it was spent moving house, unpacking boxes and sitting for hours on the phone trying to get the darned broadband sorted out. Don't get me started on BT and their inability to provide even basic levels of customer service. But excuses, excuses I should have got round to this before now. Bad blogger!

So, yep the big news is that the peapods have a new 'temporary' patch... welcome to number 22!

We just about survived the move - I would not recommend moving house with a one year old ... ever! But the bad backs and aching arms have healed, I've stopped dreaming about stacks of boxes and we have just about got the place habitable. It is very odd being back in rented digs and it has taken some time to feel settled again, partly because we are very much hoping that this will be a fairly short term home for us.

We have found upsides to the new digs ...
- Being able to walk to work (loving it!)
- Flick of the switch central heating (no more smoky stoves and shifting coal - hurrah!)
- Big 70s windows as opposed to dark and gloomy cottage windows and three foot thick walls ... no seasonal affective disorder for me this year as I can see sunlight!

And a few downsides...
- No garden to speak of beyond a very yellow poorly looking lawn - no veggie plot, no herb patch, no raspberry patch or apple tree :(
- The terrible bright blue bathroom
- The awful oven (it only has one shelf and takes about 4 hours to cook anything)

I'd take some pictures but they are not very inspiring - think suburban identikit houses. Deperate housewives only for the over 60s - twitching curtains a go go!
Toodle pip

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