Tuesday, 28 July 2009

One year old today

Happy birthday little man! Oh my how you've grown :)

We've had a soggy old day in this neck of the woods. The birthday treat to the local rescue zoo was a bit of a damp squib, not much to see apart from a very cute baby wallaby. Most animals were sensible enough to hide deep in their various enclosures well away from all the rain and the scary looking wet people. Then our celebration lunch out was a rain check too as the place we wanted to go was closed. Doh!

So we just stayed home and played with new toys this afternoon. Grandma and Grandad came for tea and to play and we did a little mini celebration for the munchkin .... here is R enjoying his smoosh cake :)

I'm just out of shot panicking slightly about the impending clean up! Proper party shennanegans coming up at the weekend so more birthday news to follow in a few days.

Toodle pip


  1. Oh bless him with the cake! Happy birthday Reuben! x

  2. looking at this photo and remembering that Reu took some time to realise that the idea was to make lots of mess,cream travels when spoon hits cake at speed!